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Nate Pann Awards

(tn: It's not actual awards or anything, it's just for fun)
Pann: Nate Pann Awards
Rookie award - Winner
Hip-hop group award - Block B
Dance group award - Infinite
Album sales award - EXO
Digital sales award (girl group) - Sistar
Digital sales award (boy group) - Beast
Popularity award - Apink
Hallyu award - Super Junior
Female artist award - IU
Male artist award - Taeyang
This year's song - Some
1. [+96, -1] I like Block B but shouldn't Epik High get the hip-hop group award?
2. [+61, -12] Album sales award goes to EXO, song of the year goes to Some, and artist award goes to IU for sure
3. [+40, -56] It was amazing when the audience sang along with Apink, daebak
4. [+28, -7] Apink for the popularity award? So how did Apink do on Gaon Chart and Seoul Music Awards?
5. [+23, -22] 'Album sales award' is such a good name
6. [+20, -47] Why Beast?
7. [+17, -5] Why does Apink get the popularity award? Taemin got a popularity award at Seoul Music Awards and EXO got the award at Gaon. Why does Apink get this one?
8. [+17, -2] I don't agree with the hip-hop group award but the rest of them seem reasonable
9. [+14, -5] Popularity award usually goes to boy groups because they have a lot of fangirls that will vote. If we're going to give it to a girl group, then SNSD should get it

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