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Male idols that can't sing nor rap

Pann: Male idols that can't sing nor rap

SHINee Minho


VIXX Hongbin

Boyfriend Youngmin

Boyfriend Kwangmin

Boyfriend Minwoo

Super Junior Shindong

EXO Sehun



EXO Xiumin

BAP Himchan

Infinite Sungjong

Infinite Sungyeol

Teen Top Ricky

2PM Taecyeon

2PM Chansung

Bangtan Boys Jin

ZE:A Kwanghee

Winner Jinwoo


1. [+663, -406] What even... Where's Chanyeol? He seriously can't rap

2. [+429, -181] Why is Jinwoo there? Winner kids are all good...

3. [+168, -38] Out of the male idols, Bigbang, Beast, SHINee, and Infinite can never get bashed for their talent ㅋㅋ The best is TVXQ

4. [+164, -179] Why is Xiumin there, you idiot

5. [+137, -55] Xiumin got into SM by winning #2 at a singing contest. Tao doesn't rap in Korean, but he won #1 at a rapping contest in China ㅋㅋ I admit Kai and Sehun, though...

6. [+124, -17] Honestly, Jinwoo is not at the level of Kang Seungyoon but he's not bad enough to be included in this ㅋ

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