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Male idols that are ugly but talented

Pann: Male idols that are ugly but talented

Infinite Sunggyu

Beast Yoseob

BTOB Eunkwang

Bangtan Boys Rap Monster

Infinite Dongwoo

iKON Bobby

SHINee Key

Winner Seunghoon

Bigbang Daesung


1. [+270, -24] I think you should fix the post title... "Male idols that can't get bashed for their talent"

2. [+267, -171] I'm not a fan but am I the only one who finds Sunggyu handsome?


3. [+219, -68] Dongwoo is a rapper but he also can sing <3


4. [+108, -9] Does a singer require a good face?


5. [+107, -16] I'm honestly curious. Yoseob is considered ugly? He's not handsome but isn't he cute and charming? I really don't understand. I'm not a fan but I never found him ugly


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