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Hyeri jokes about the squad commander's singing on Real Man

Pann: Look what Hyeri is saying ㅋㅋ So funny ㅋㅋ

"The squad commander is really bad at singing. Her melody was so weird."


1. [+313, -19] ㅋㅋ She really needs to do something. I was totally shocked when I saw her singing Problem with Ailee on MAMA

2. [+286, -17] Anybody saw Hyeri singing Wait? I was terrified

3. [+261, -19] Putting Hyeri in a well-done song

4. [+73, -7] I think Kim Sohyun sings better than her

5. [+73, -120] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Stop it. Why do you keep trying to hate her

6. [+71, -9] Honestly, her singing is worse than Hara

7. [+65, -16] Tbh, Hyeri doesn't have good accounts about her personalities and her singing is one of the worst. It's not like her visual is outstanding, either. And the visual is even plastic... She doesn't have any good aspect and yet she criticizes someone's singing and calls Jung Hyung Don ugly ㅡㅡ I can never view her positively

8. [+60, -5] Don't try to shield her here. Honestly, she really can't sing ㅋㅋ Admit what you should admit

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