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Conflicts between Beast and Girl's Day fans continue

Pann: Plastic monster group Beast


1. [+273, -37] Yoon Doojun revealed he went on a diet on Showtime. Does your elementary school photo look pretty? Let's just say that they got plastic surgery. What's the main job of singers? Isn't it singing and dancing? Listen to MR removed versions of Beast. Meanwhile Hyeri... how did she even become a singer?


2. [+223, -12] This is why Daisys are getting criticized. B2utys criticize Hyeri but they don't bash Girl's Day as a whole. But Daisys bash all Beast members. Who'll look at them positively?

3. [+203, -7] These bitches can't even refute the explanations for Hyeri and Dongwoon incident and are just being losers. You also realize that you have a small fandom, right? With such little power...


Pann: G-Dragon's copycat Junhyung


1. [+390, -29] I'm a Bigbang fan. Honestly, VIPs and B2utys are avoiding this issue... I don't care about the past and they don't have overlapping items anymore, so we're not mentioning it. It's frustrating how other fandoms bring this issue for their own purpose. Hyeri fans, I saw you guys using Taeyang, too. Stop it. Why do we have to be summoned on the New Year and act careful with B2utys. We already had enough fights of it and this issue is not relevant anymore. We're trying to be careful... Hyeri fans are so frustrating... Know how to target appropriately

2. [+303, -331] It was infamous because he was obviously copying him ㅋㅋ He doesn't have his own style and he even copied the rap. No solutions

3. [+291, -98] Screw off. Don't spend the New Year spreading bullshit


Pann: About Hyeri... Don't you think you guys are being too harsh?

(An Inspirit asks people to stop hating Hyeri)


1. [+208, -51] What? Dongwoon is getting a lot of hate on other posts. They're even saying that he paid money to be in Beast. What do you mean Hyeri is the only one getting hate? What a victim-play ㅋㅋ

2. [+159, -28] From what I'm seeing, it's Girl's Day fans who need to stay quiet

3. [+102, -185] It's true. I think they're too much...

4. [+58, -2] I'm also an Inspirit but Daisys are worse. They always bash other fandoms. I saw a Bomi post and they said she has disabled legs. They also say us Inspirits are defending too much and ask why we're not gone yet. Daisys first started attacking others

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