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Blind item of a girl group's campus war

Instiz: [Brave Journalists] Girl group's goddess war on campus

Girl group members A and B are in a very popular girl group. They're known to be best friends. But the reality is that they're the biggest rivals, including stage outfits and plastic surgery. When they entered university, their silent fights got more tense. A and B went to different schools and they had pride of being their university's representative. 

The round 1 was their school outfits. Whenever they attended school, the pictures of them surfaced online. The victim of their outfit fight was the stylist. Each of them kept telling their stylist, "I must look prettier than A!" "I want to look trendier than B!" The stylist had to take care of their campus outfits as well as their stage outfits.

There was a major incident that made their relationship much worse. Top star C was a sunbae of A's university. A liked C and gathered her group members to have drinks with C. Of course, she excluded B. The members helped A and did sexual games. Eventually, A and C had natural skinship. On the next day, A heard shocking news - "C likes B, not A". Apparently, when A and C had drinks with the members, C kept asking about B to the members when A was pretending to be drunk.

But what actually pissed A off was not C, it was B's attitude. A liked C and C liked B. B knew everything but she told A, "so what?" A and B got into big fights after and now, their relationship is worse than strangers. A's one-sided love even got spread in school, so she couldn't attend her school anymore.

The winner of the campus war? A outstandingly won B in terms of fashion. A was already well-known as a fasionista. But B won C's heart. It was 1:1 tie. However, C was not B's ideal type, so they didn't end up well.

A decided to have revenge on B. B had dated an idol. After breaking up with him, they were still friends. A told B's ex, "she said she's already over someone like you and she's dating someone else." As a result, B is now awkward with her ex's group.


- A girl group with two members going to different schools and one of the schools has a top star as a student...

- I guess girl groups are also human like us ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- The rumor sounds realistic...

- (SNSD pops up as a related search if you search this rumor on Naver)

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