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Yoo Seung Ho's discharge in tears

Pann: Yoo Seung Ho who got discharged as he was sobbing


1. [+110, -2] His personalities and thoughts are just great ㅠㅠ I was touched when I saw these pictures... You've worked hard! I realized how hard the military service is after listening to dongsaengs, friends, and the incidents this year. He completed his service well so all he has to do is to succeed!


2. [+105, -2] Cool. Handsome. Fantastic. Amazing. Shining. Is there any other good word? Write them down. Seung Ho! You've worked hard. I'm so proud and I'm smiling like a mom

3. [+102, -3] He grew up well

4. [+35, -0] I'll wipe off your tears


5. [+24, -1] He became more likable for serving at an early age and he got away from his child actor image. This is already good enough but he's only 23 years old next year. He'll become a top right away if his project hits daebak. You're cool, Yoo Seung Ho!!

6. [+18, -1] The entertainment industry is seriously dirty but the best 2 mentalities are Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Seung Ho! Is it a coincident that they both have the same last name? Yoo Gods

7. [+17, -1] Daebak... Girls and guys all like Yoo Seung Ho but I think guys would like him more because they know how it feels... It's like they share a similarity? What kind of a male celebrity would cry so hard when getting discharged because he feels sad? Only those who served in the military service would know

8. [+13, -0] After I read his articles, I chatted with my friends on Kakaotalk and said he's jjang. A guy friend replied and said you can't help but cry when getting discharged. He said he even cried when he saw his dog at home because he missed it. I laughed because I thought he was joking but I read an article that said Seung Ho wanted to see his cat! Apparently my friend was talking the truth ㅋㅋ Anyways he did everything at a young age so I hope he succeeds

9. [+13, -2] Are you watching, MC Mong?

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