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Vocal ranking of female idols

Pann: Vocal ranking of girl group members

1 - Spica Bohyung

2 - Brown Eyed Girls JeA

3 - Sistar Hyorin

4 - Spica Boa

5 - Wonder Girls Yeeun

6 - Mamamoo Solar

7 - EXID Solji

8 - SNSD Taeyeon

9 - 2NE1 Park Bom

10 - Bestie Yooji

11 - Apink Eunji

12 - AOA Choa


1. [+201, -67] Taeyeon and Eunji sing much better than Yeeun

2. [+175, -10] Very subjective

3. [+165, -67] Honestly Taeyeon gets a lot of hate but she never gets criticized for her singing. Taeyeon is much above

4. [+63, -16] Yeeun makes mistakes when singing an easy song like Tell Me. Why is she ranked so high?

5. [+56, -6] Park Bom's singing is not that great, though? She's unstable when singing live. All she has is a good voice

6. [+54, -8] Park Bom sings well but she doesn't deliver any emotions. She's only trying to sing well... You And I was all about her voice...

7. [+52, -14] Eunji and Taeyeon are ranked too low. They should be in 7~10 at least

8. [+52, -8] Eunji is ranked too low...

9. [+47, -55] All Taeyeon has is emotions. Her singing ability is not that great. I listened to Hush Hush but Kim Taewoo said she's weak at the endings

10. [+43, -18] How can you bash Taeyeon for her singing... Just because someone can sing high notes, it doesn't mean that they're #1 at singing. Don't you consider the emotional delivery in the song?

11. [+39, -4] Luna is also a great singer but she doesn't have much popularity and SM doesn't push her as a vocal so people don't know

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