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Song Jihyo vs Nam Sangmi

Pann: Song Jihyo vs Nam Sangmi



1. [+216, -179] If you're a man, wouldn't you obviously choose Nam Sangmi? She's a natural beauty with a glamorous body. Song Jihyo is a natural beauty too but her body was so poor in Frozen Flower. I'm not saying that Jihyo is ugly but Nam Sangmi is just too great. She's innocent+glamorous

2. [+171, -13] They're both pretty. Song Jihyo's image is lovely, cute, and calm. Nam Sangmi's image is smart, career-woman, and calm. Their images are both calm but their auras and looks are so different ㅋㅋ The conclusion is they're both pretty

3. [+147, -62] Jihyo unnie ㅠㅠ <3

4. [+69, -59] Song Jihyo is popular because she's on variety shows. Her face looks old in dramas and shows. She has a lot of wrinkles and she looks like an ahjumma with strong personalities. No matter how you see Nam Sangmi, she's so pretty. I stared at her in awe when I saw her in Goddess of Marriage. A lot of big male stars chose her as their ideal type

5. [+67, -21] No one called Song Jihyo pretty before she appeared on Running Man ㅋㅋㅋ Nam Sangmi was always called pretty

6. [+55, -11] Of course it's Nam Sangmi


7. [+50, -0] They're both so pretty but guys would choose Nam Sangmi and girls would choose Song Jihyo

8. [+47, -2] It's good that Song Jihyo got popular on variety shows but she doesn't take care of her looks so her looks are underrated. There aren't many actresses whose bare faces are as pretty as Jihyo's. She showed her bare face on Get It Beauty and she was so pretty. They're both pretty so don't compare


9. [+38, -5] They're both pretty. Nam Sangmi is always praised for her good personalities. Song Jihyo seems to have cool personalities but she's a little scary because she's dating a gang member...

10. [+35, -9] Is this even a question? Of course it's Nam Sangmi

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