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Netizens who went to the same schools as celebrities share their stories

Pann: Anybody went to a same school as a celebrity?


1. [+90, -17] When my cousin was in grade 8, she was in a same class as MIX&MATCH Jung Jinhyung. She said he scored 0 on a Korean test and she called him a trash. She was glad that he didn't debut ㅋㅋ

2. [+77, -17] EXID Hani was my school hoobae and I never saw anyone who looked like her in my school... Seriously... My school was a special type so all the students know each other but I never saw a lookalike of her...

3. [+75, -1] Suzy, Sulli, Naeun, Namjoo, Hayoung, EXO Sehun, Red Velvet Joy, Lee Hi, etc. There are many popular celebrities, rookie idols, and trainees. I'm not even interested when I see a celebrity in a hallway. In the beginning of the year, it was interesting but students started caring less and less. I'm graduating soon~

4. [+61, -0] It's not a celebrity but I was in a same class as Niel's dongsaeng. She gets embarrassed when someone sings Teen Top's song and when talking about Teen Top. She runs away ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+50, -0] My unnie went to the same elementary school as Oh Sehun. She said he wasn't popular because he was an anchovy...

6. [+39, -5] I go to the same middle school as Kim Yoo Jung. She's kind and she doesn't wear makeup... Such a goddess

7. [+35, -40] Krystal came to the store I work at so I saw her right in front of me but I was surprised because her skin was really bad... And her legs were... short and bent. Her head was bigger than I thought so I wondered if she was really a celebrity

8. [+30, -6] I went to the same elementary school as the child actress Seo Shin Ae and she had such trashy personalities

9. [+23, -1] I went to the same school as Kim So Hyun ㅋㅋ She's so pretty

10. [+22, -0] SM rookies Mark goes to my school

11. [+19, -4] I went to the same middle school as her. She was a bit pretty and had good personalities. She was my sunbae and she was cool and popular. When she was promoting Marshmallow, I was like "hul, this unnie is the unnie I know of?" I'm now a fan ㅋㅋ


12. [+18, -0] I was in a same class as Irene. She sat in front of me

13. [+18, -1] Bae Doo Na was my seatmate when I was in grade 5 and 6. I went to the same gym as actors Han Suk Kyu and Kam Woo Sung and we used to take showers together. Han Seok Gyu lent me his toothpaste ㅋㅋ I shared an energy drink with Kim Hee Sun ㅋㅋ

14. [+17, -2] I went to the same high school as EXO Chanyeol. I wasn't close to him and we saw each other in the hallway sometimes. He's so tall and handsome ㅋㅋㅋ He was famous in my school. He had good personalities and was really handsome. He's still handsome but I personally think he was handsomer in high school

15. [+17, -0] I had the same lecture as Han Gain... The course was 'English conversation' and she had outstanding looks, like she was shining... She was pretty and smart, but she also studied as hard as normal students, which made her look prettier...

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