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Bobby's disses

Pann: Bobby disses everyday

Raise Your Guard And Bounce:

"The boys who look thin and dry, when they act strong to a girl like you, I act dissipated like a real man"

Come Here (Bobby's part)

"I live the fast life, don’t need to be a pretty boy. They call me a monster, I’ve never called myself that. You all are completely made of glass, much better than the basement dungeon. If skill equals to looks, I’m Won Bin in front of a bulletproof glass"


1. [+93, -61] Bobby-ya, diss about embezzling, too ^^ You should target social issues to do real hip-hop... You're not gonna defend him just because he's your fellow member, right? A real man should know what's right and wrong ^^

2. [+77, -45] I almost entered the fandom for his eye smile but I paused at his lyrics. In his lyrics and interviews, he's shoving everyone away except his close friend Zico. Honestly I don't think Rap Monster and Bang Yongguk lose to Bobby

3. [+64, -14] Bobby is also an idol who gets support from his fans. In his lyrics, he's saying like "you guys build popularity by fans' love and support but I build popularity by my talent and my work"

4. [+38, -37] Idols think talking fast is rapping. I personally think Bang Yongguk has a good voice and he's talented

5. [+37, -7] Honestly, Bang Yongguk only has a good voice... In Song Jieun's Going Crazy, I thought he lived aboard ㅋㅋ Bobby beats Yongguk ㅋ Not sure about Rap Monster

6. [+36, -9] The judge of Show Me The Money, San E, approved Rap Monster ㅋㅋ

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