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Accounts of seeing celebrities in real life

Pann: Tell your stories of seeing celebrities in real life


1. [+173, -50] EXO Suho looked daebak in real life. He was beside Jongdae and the difference between their skin colors was big. Oh Sehun had daebak shoulders and Kyungsoo looked tiny because he was standing between Sehun and Chanyeol. SHINee Jonghyun was really handsome. I was speechless when I saw Minho and Taemin's aura was like a prince. He was so skinny. Secret Jieun's looks won Sunhwa's. She had a really small head and big eyes. Hyosung is not that fat. She's a little chubby and very glamorous. But she looks better on the screen

2. [+145, -8] Jo Jung Chi looked the same irl...

3. [+127, -21] I saw Hyuna closely at a fansign. It was two years ago and she had terrible skin. I remember her makeup covering the skin damage. I don't know if her skin is still bad. And her eyes were abnormally big to the point they reminded me of plastic surgery. Her eyes were too big

4. [+52, -2] I saw Won Bin... As soon as he walked in, my hands started shaking so I almost dropped my phone. He asked me my name, shook hands, gave me an autograph, and smiled at me. I almost went insane

5. [+52, -6] I saw TVXQ and Infinite. TVXQ was freaking handsome, they had an aura and good proportions. They had a unique aura from current idols maybe because they debuted at a non-idol era. And as soon as I saw Infinite, I could tell that the seven members were planned throughout before debut. They matched well and they looked much handsomer irl. It got me wondering if other celebrities also looked better irl. They looked close, well-mannered and friendly. I'm not a fan but I couldn't help but smile like a mom. Oh and L's looks are no joke

6. [+40, -6] I went to Melon Music Awards and saw Kang Seung Yoon's solo stage right in front of me. I'm not a Winner fan but he was speechlessly handsome. He looked so different from what I saw on the screen. When it was done, I kept chatting with my friend about how handsome Kang Seung Yoon was. He had such pale skin and a sharp chin. It can't be described in words

7. [+39, -0] My unnie is a fan of TVXQ since Hug so I went to TVXQ concerts a lot of times. I still can't forget how Changmin looked at a Mirotic concert ㅋㅋ He was so tall and had a small head with an unforgettable nose... From my standards, he easily beats TOP and L

8. [+39, -16] I had no interest in Girl's Day but after I saw them irl, I became a fan. They were so pretty. For Apink, Naeun was pretty but God Hayoung... You have to see her irl. She looks so bad on the screen. Her face irl is legendary

9. [+36, -0] I saw Park Jin Young and he looked exactly the same as on the screen ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I love JYP

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