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Reversed maknae & oldest

Pann: Reversed maknae & oldest

Xiumin (oldest) & Sehun (maknae)

Hyorin (maknae) & Bora (oldest)

Jinyoung (oldest) & Gongchan (maknae)

Jimin (oldest) & Chanmi (maknae)

Hayoung (maknae) & Chorong (oldest)

P.O (maknae) & Taeil (oldest)


- BTOB!!


- Kim Minseok ♥ Oh Sehun

- I expected to see Winner Taehyun and Jinwoo

- Isn't Dasom the maknae in Sistar?
-- I think they mean Sistar 19

- These kids are really ㅋㅋ


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