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Cha In Pyo's perfectness

Pann: An unknown actor's choices

There was an unknown actor who only had minor roles in his late 20's.

There was one flaw of him, and it was having a divorce at a young age.

At that time, the society took it as a handicap, so his kept failing the talent auditions.

He had to find a job other than an actor, so he applied for more than 200 companies, but none of them hired him.

It's because after his parents got divorced, he emigrated with his mother at a young age. So he didn't get to serve in the military, which is the reason why the companies didn't hire him.

He took his last chance and auditioned for MBC talent audition, and miraculously got in.

But the reality was cruel. For more than a year, he only had small roles and he struggled with his living. He was about to give up his dream but...

In a new mini series drama, they needed an actor for a main character who had a good body and good English skills.

As an unknown actor, he got extremely lucky to be cast for a main role.

After the first episode was aired, the drama blew up and he became a top star instantly.

Everything about him was issued and was on news.

The popularity of the drama was hot until the very last episode.

His life had completely changed from eating ramen bowls to getting treated as a high-class person.

When he was about to be caught up with money and fame as a top star, he got reminded of the past - the reason why he failed to get hired from 200 companies.

The interviewers had said, "you need to do the military service if you want to work in Korea".

He was an American permanent resident so he didn't have to serve in the military, but he thought it's right to do the duty if he wanted to live and work in Korea.

After the drama ended with big popularity, he gave up his American permanent residence and served in the military. At that time, he was at his peak, when he was getting numerous drama offers and CF offers.

His name is Cha In Pyo, a respected actor who volunteers frequently and does movements for human rights without taking a politic side.

Up until now, there are a lot of celebrities who don't do their military service with their foreign permanent residence.

In the 90's, the military wasn't issued with celebrities as much, so his decision was seen as very shocking.

Cha In Pyo and his wife Shin Aera sponsor 50 children in poor countries and encourage people to participate.

When the North Korean escapes in China were about to be sent back, the organizations in Korea kept silent after the deaths of the escapes...

But Cha In Pyo did a protest in front of Chinese embassy for the North Korean escapes.

"This is the matter of life. What's so important about the politics and relations? Saving lives is above politics and relations."

He refused many roles of business projects to let people know how the organizations ignore North Koreans and filmed Crossing.

He was cast in 007 series in 2000's but refused the offer because portraying North Korea as an enemy might cause a disturbance to the unity of South and North Koreas.


1. [+420, -3] He's so cool. He's a perfect man. Some asshole removes his teeth to avoid military service but he went to the military at his peak and refused 007 offer... I'm his fan starting today. I envy Shin Aera so much

2. [+251, -9] MC Mong shivers

3. [+224, -1] He's cool and respectful <3

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