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Blind item of a kkot-baem actress

kkot-baem (flower snake) means a woman who dates or sleeps with men to fulfill her materialism

Pann: Let us introduce a kkot-baem star

Actress A gets lead roles and has high recognition. She announced her marriage with a well-off businessman B. B had another lover before the marriage was announced, but A didn't give up. A said, "it doesn't matter if you already have a lover. Let me stay by your side, at least." B was touched and chose A. B broke up with his girlfriend and got married with A.

A showed great love to B, but there was a secret of her. She was a well-known kkot-baem in the entertainment industry. A's way of choosing men is their wealth. She never picked a man who had no wealth. 

When she was hitting on B, she was already dating C, who was a married businessman. A was deciding between B and C's wealth, and she chose B. A prepared to break up with C, but C caused a problem. C divorced with his wife for A. C gave a big amount of settlement to his wife, so he was broke. A, who looks for the man's wealth, didn't want C. C had nowhere to go, so he decided to take a big action and sued A for pretense of marriage.

A was surprised to receive the lawsuit, but she texted him, "oppa, I'll date you if you cancel your lawsuit". C cancelled the lawsuit after talking to her. But as soon as he cancelled it, A betrayed him. C then met up with journalists and spread the truth of A. But there were no articles written about A's truth. A is famous for her scandals and she had the most two-times in the industry.


1. [+171, -4] Entertainment industry is an animal kingdom

2. [+158, -18] If it's really So Yoo Jin as the comments are saying, she's not an A-level star, though... Journalists always call anonymous stars as top stars

3. [+152, -8] So Yoo Jin

4. [+83, -1] It's Shin Ae, not So Yoo Jin. Alex's girl

5. [+81, -3] Hul ㅋㅋ So Yoo Jin was popular and she went on a lot of variety shows and dramas until early 2000's. I think people don't know about it much nowadays

6. [+70, -1] To them, the standard of a top star is recognition. If people know the celebrity's name, then they're a top star

7. [+60, -2] So Yoo Jin had main roles and was quite popular back then. She had a unique face but after getting work done, she went on a wrong path...

8. [+57, -4] Lyrics written by So Yoo Jin's ex-boyfriend Rhymer


(lyrics talk about how the media hides the truth of her, her materialism, and her use of men)

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