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[The Genius 3] Upcoming match of Hong Jinho vs Lee Sangmin + Kim Jung Hoon, Jang Dong Min

Article: [Exclusive] 'The Genius 3' Hong Jinho and Lee Sangmin to have another match


1. [+3972, -51] It's Kong Jinho. I'm definitely going to watch it

2. [+2680, -57] Hul hul Kong is the main of The Genius. It's not completed without the main

3. [+2337, -50] Hong Jinho is a must for The Genius~!!!

4. [+1925, -60] I hope they don't play sly and team up like the previous season!

5. [+246, -6] What I was surprised with Hong Jinho the most is how he won #1 by recognizing the differences on the back side of the cards


Article: 'The Genius 3' Kim Jung Hoon, "winning #1 on a national mathematics competition? I've never even gone to it"

'더 지니어스3'에서 김정훈이 루머를 해명했다. ⓒ tvN 방송화면


1. [+779, -8] But he's an elite who got into dentistry in Seoul University...

2. [+653, -7] Whatever. He will do better than me even if he uses his feet to solve the problems

3. [+529, -11] Didn't he go to a world competition, not a national one?

4. [+302, -13] Whenever I see news about him, it's only from quiz shows

5. [+279, -43] I watch The Genius because of Jang Dong Min


Article: 'Genius' Jang Dong Min makes biting remarks at Shin Ah Young, "don't they teach you how to deal with numbers at Harvard" big laughs



1. [+185, -12] I was wondering why women liked him so much when he looked like an octopus but I finally see why. A charming guy Jang Dong Min

2. [+179, -4] I thought he would be annoying and shouting but it's totally unexpected... His image completely changed ㅋㅋ

3. [+173, -6] Other people play the games carefully because they want to avoid losing and going to the death match. But Jang Dong Min doesn't lose to the students of Harvard, Seoul Uni, and Kaist. He even leads the games and is charismatic. He's so cool. Jang Dong Min's image used to be rough but he's showing a completely new image on this show. Even if other cast gets their image better, they'll only help the others but considering Jang Dong Min's job, he'll be the person who benefits the most out of The Genius 3, no matter if he loses or wins

4. [+35, -1] It's surprising because he's so smart and quick than expected... His skills of dominating the games~ Jang Dong Min daebak!

5. [+24, -1] Jang Dong Min looked so amazing yesterday

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