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Stable groups - Beast, SHINee, Infinite

Pann: The most stable idol groups




No crimes, no bad relationships, unique music, likable to the public


1. [+338, -33] I hope Infinite, SHINee, and Beast continue to promote without controversies and become like Shinhwa

2. [+283, -26] These three groups are likable idols. Please promote for long!

3. [+262, -27] I think SHINee, Beast, and Infinite will continue to be the top without a struggle for years. The three groups are at a similar age and I don't think any of them would cause big trouble, just little issues

4. [+172, -2] The three groups are famous for their MR-removed versions ㅋㅋ Only live

5. [+132, -4] The three groups are not the very top of idols but they're still at a high level and popular. I think they'll continue to succeed. They didn't have big controversies and their songs are good. I hope they end like Shinhwa without big issues

6. [+126, -3] I like all these three groups... They're very unique and likable... I personally like Beast's lyrical music. But I also like Infinite and SHINee

7. [+118, -3] SHINee is 7 years, Beast is 6 years, and Infinite is 5 years. SHINee's contract ends next year and at their concert, they hinted that they'll renew it... They said they'll stay together forever. I hope Beast and Infinite also last long

8. [+115, -4] I don't know about idols but I really like Beast's lyrical music. I like SHINee's Symtoms and Infinite's White Confession. I like these three groups the most, they're like the standards of idols. They have popularity, public recognition, and are stable. They don't seem like troublemakers and they look well-mannered. I like them all, hwaiting

9. [+102, -5] The common trait of those groups is that they didn't have a big hit song that boosted up their popularity at once but they became popular slowly and are stably keeping their popularity. They look so good ㅠㅠ I'm looking for Beast's comeback! Beast, SHINee, Infinite, hwaiting!!!!!!!!

10. [+91, -2] Infinite, SHINee, and Beast all have good songs. I'm not their fan but I listen to all of their songs

11. [+89, -3] I really like Beast's Midnight. Also SHINee's Sherlock ㅋㅋ How do they perform the hard choreography while singing live? White Confession for Infinite

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