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Same clothes, different vibes - Siwon & D.O

Article: [Same clothes, different vibes] Choi Siwon vs Do Kyungsoo


1. [+5834, -285] Yesterday, it was Suzy vs Minah and today, it's Siwon vs D.O? Dispatch needs to stop causing fanwars

2. [+5065, -1313] Siwon is handsome but he looks too cheesy... I think he needs to change his hairstyle.. Kyungsoo looks more neat and calm. He looks better

3. [+5170, -2263] I personally think Kyungsoo suits better

4. [+2912, -355] Siwon's fit is very angled whereas Kyungsoo's fit is squishy and circular. I think Siwon's fit is better because of his body

5. [+3647, -1383] Kyungsoo's shoulder pads?

6. [+458, -9] I wish SJ's hair stylist would make Siwon get bangs

7. [+453, -50] Siwon looks like a third generation Chinese chaebol

8. [+416, -30] Kyungsoo looks like a new salaryman and Siwon looks like a director

9. [+342, -29] They look good in their own styles

10. [+322, -17] Their vibes are too different. Siwon looks like a chaebol and D.O looks like a handsome college student. They're both handsome, don't cause fights with this

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