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Fei's pretty looks

Pann: Fei who got sexier


1. [+75, -25] She's so overrated on Pann. I really don't understand. Suzy is literally outcasted in Miss A. At a concert in Beijing, I saw Suzy walking out alone. The rest of the members are following, tweeting, and having parties. They buy brand products and team up with each other when Suzy is the one who earns all the money. They don't take care of her and are even jealous of her. Even I get pissed, Suzy must have a big heart. So I don't like Fei

2. [+67, -55] I'm a Suzy fan but people need to stop saying that the three members are living comfortably with Suzy's earnings. Singers should only sing well and they should promote as singers. Suzy is too popular and busy so she's earning alot but the rest of the members are not able to release Miss A albums because Suzy is too busy. They're trying hard but they're not as popular as Suzy so they don't appear much. It's their lives, why do we have to say "are you living happily with Suzy's money"? They need to release albums if they don't want Suzy's money. Do you think it's possible at this moment when Suzy is busy filming movies and stuff? They do individual activities but it's not as big as Suzy's. The time is passing, Suzy's getting more popular, and they're getting hate because they share Suzy's earnings. If you watch Miss A's stages, the four members all dance and sing well. They're qualified singers, isn't this enough? You say they don't work but they can't release albums at this rate. They also promote hard in China, especially Fei. I like all four members because Miss A's performances are so good. It's not like they don't work on purpose and they have individual promotions. How people blame them for taking Suzy's earnings makes them pitiful

3. [+50, -12] She might not have the talents for acting but she looks like an actress

4. [+21, -9] She's a Chinese woman I like the most after Tang Wei

5. [+20, -5] Honestly, she's not viewed positively..

6. [+19, -8] She ruins her image when she talks

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