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Disney thanks Korea for the success of Frozen

Article: Disney reps, "the success of Frozen in Korea is a miracle... it saved Disney"


1. [+15517, -104] Let It Go saved it

2. [+15357, -1246] Then how about making an anime with a Korean palace and a Korean princess? ㅋㅋ

3. [+6020, -105] Let it go~ Let it go~

4. [+5912, -105] So many celebrities covered the song and the makeup

5. [+5811, -1767] This movie is such a bubble

6. [+907, -27] If you're thankful, then built the Disneyland in our country!!

7. [+788, -13] Korea saved Disney and The North Face

8. [+703, -44] There wasn't anything special except the scene where Elsa built the castle as she was singing Let It Go... But that scene was the best

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