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Blind item of a very arrogant top star

Blog: [Brave Journalists] Top star A's outdoor and pizza CFs

Top star A has a somewhat muscular body with perfect body portions. He also has a very sweet voice that could melt any woman. His image is very well-mannered and of a "sweet guy". So he filmed a lot of CFs. But unlike his good image and talent, there was a critical reason why he wasn't able to become a hallyu star. It's his personalities.

He filmed an outdoor clothing CF. Most outdoor commercials are filmed outside because it has to give a strong image. But he claimed that he didn't want to go to a place where he couldn't go by a car, and he said he will only walk ten steps after getting out of the car. There wasn't a nature place where only ten steps were needed to go through, so they had to film at a tourist spot.

His rude manners did not end. Whenever he got a break from filming the CF, he took of the outdoor clothes and put on his own clothes because "he had a very chic and urban image, so such a thing like outdoor did not suit him"

He also filmed a pizza CF. But he refused to eat the pizza because "he did not eat junk food". So in the commercial, he's not eating it and is only making a tempted face. 

When he has to talk for projects, he uses his manager to talk back.

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