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SNSD's renewed contracts

Pann: SNSD all renewed their contracts


1. [+152, -9] How many members do you think will be able to keep their popularity if they leave SM? It's a win-win situation for SM and SNSD. Idols who used to be popular are getting married and are forgotten. SNSD is no different

2. [+117, -4] But subjectively, I;d also renew with SM if I were them... If they want to sign under a different company, only some members will be accepted who are popular and who can bring money. SM is taking care of SNSD

3. [+92, -11] SM is the only company that can take care of big idols like SNSD. I didn't want them to renew their contracts with SM but I think they have no choice ㅋㅋ 

4. [+56, -54] Ew Old Generation

5. [+48, -7] It's because they're too useless individually. Honestly, is there a member who can promote alone except Yoona and Taeyeon? They'll survive only when they're together

6. [+45, -5] Well, they need to get offers from different companies if they want to leave SM. The nine members are all useless so I don't think they got any offers... If they separate, they won't be able to promote. Yoona has potentials as an actress but the roles she can pull off are limited because of her looks. Also, I don't think she'll look as good when she hits 30... Taeyeon is a good singer as an idol but she lost a lot of fans with her scandal and she sings well comparing to other idols. She lacks so much when she does duets with veteran singers... But we don't need to worry about celebrities. Seohyun bought a house in Chungdam-dong and other members' bank accounts are full. I'm sure they're not worried over money

7. [+40, -30] I like all SNSD members <3 They're all pretty

8. [+37, -2] There isn't a member who can succeed as a soloist...

9. [+33, -5] They'll separate if they leave SM and the members who were getting 'SNSD benefits' will sink, of course they have to renew their contracts ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

10. [+29, -7] They're renewing their contracts because they have nowhere else to go besides SM. SNSD fans are like "of course SNSD! They'll be a second Shinhwa! I'm getting chills!" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Idiots

11. [+27, -4] Look what happened to TVXQ, who would want to leave the group?

12. [+26, -2] Honestly will the members be able to survive if they're not backed up by SNSD? This is the biggest advantage and also the disadvantage of SNSD. They're great when they're together but they lack looks and talent individually. They're trying to surpass a typical girl group by getting into scandals and doing a lot of different promotions but it doesn't seem to be working. I'm not even their fan but I feel bad

13. [+26, -11] Jessica will announce her marriage as soon as her renewed contract is over

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