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Korea's Next Top Model gets criticized for inconsideration of a participant

Pann: Hair cut on Challenge Super Model Korea

They cut her long hair short, and the curliness in her hair started coming out.
They straightened it four times but it didn't work so they ended up cutting it very short to do a boyish style.
When the models went back to their dorm, she cried.


1. [+272, -2] I felt so bad when she was crying. Why did they have to cut it so short when her hair is curly? They didn't even know how to fix it so they kept straightening it... When they do make-overs, they don't go for pretty looks. All they do is cutting short and bleaching... They think that's unique and pretty

2. [+231, -3] They made her into a loser

3. [+198, -5] Hul... She's a girl... And visual is important for a model. She must be very sad...

4. [+122, -0] At least they'll do her hair and makeup because she's filming the show but what if she gets eliminated? It's not like she can go to a hair salon and get it done everyday...

5. [+104, -0] I feel bad because I also have badly curly hair. Curly haired people should never cut their hair short. Or they should've straightened it before cutting it. Don't they know this as a hair designer?

6. [+97, -0] The hair stylist who did her hair should let her use the salon for free until her hair is long. Hair is very important for women. I watched the show and they cut her hair a lot and said her hair is not a human's hair. Can't you distinguish curly hair and damaged hair? I hate the way they talked and they're not talented. I think her hair got even more damaged because they kept straightening it with a straightener. Even I was getting mad

7. [+95, -4] Using her status of "participant" to cut her hair without her permission is also violence. Cutting hair is also abuse

8. [+85, -1] Hair stylists should be very educated and talented

9. [+83, -0] At least she looks pretty when her hair is done. What is she gonna do if she gets eliminated from the show?

10. [+67, -0] She was saying "I look like homeless" as she was crying. It was funny and sad at the same time

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