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Kim Tae Woo gets criticized for putting Shinhwa down + he apologizes

Article: Kim Tae Woo "Rival Shinhwa? They were not even a match during god's peak"

Kim Tae Woo:

"god's peak was the third album 'Lies', and H.O.T disbanded at that time. So it's not like god surpassed H.O.T, it's that god did well when H.O.T was disappearing. H.O.T and god never shared Jamshil stadium."

"For Shinhwa, well... I'll say this even if I get hate from Shinhwa fans. They weren't even a match. If we're talking about Jamshil stadium, Shinhwa fans were about 30%, god was 60%, and the other 10% were fans from other artists."


1. [+1157, -768] I'm a Shinhwa fan. According to the official fan clubs, Shinhwa has about 3000 more fans than god. I'll say what I have to because you prepared to get hate. There's a member who left his group because he regretted his group promotions. Can the member and Shinhwa even be compared? They're not even comparable. I admit that god got popular after the third album and Jaemin. So? Shinhwa did much more things while you guys were absent for 10 years? Your group's return is not a comeback, it's a reunion. You always seem to be caught up with the fame you had in the past and you're always talking about the past. Shinhwa never showed off their past. Live in the future and talk about the future. You always talk about class but what class are you talking about? How your group reunited after 10 years and apologizing now? ㅋ The levels are different ㅋㅋ 

2. [+1108, -233] The peaks are different ㅋㅋㅋ Shinhwa has been maintaining the 30% and they hit big with Brand New when god was getting into controversies... It's not easy to do that... I'm an H.O.T fan but I think Shinhwa's continuity is amazing...

3. [+990, -221] Shinhwa's second album T.O.P was daebak in 1999. What's with this young netizen who's saying that Shinhwa never hit daebak as singers?

4. [+195, -71] He'll say even if he'll get hate? Why is he bringing Shinhwa? They even had a press conference to announce their disbandment. It's pathetic enough that they're now claiming it's not a reunion, but why are you also putting down other group? You guys said you wouldn't do broadcast promotions because this group promotion is special but you're all over the broadcast. I think your creed is not doing as you stated ^^ Shinhwa cheered your group and even sent a wreath to your concert, I don't understand why you're saying such a thing on broadcast. There's always one person who get hate because they say annoying things, and it's you, Kim Tae Woo-ssi

5. [+187, -34] It doesn't matter who was popular at that time. Shinhwa never talked about god like that. Not just god, but they don't put down others and only praise them. This is why I love Shinhwa and I'm touched at how their minds never change. I like god's music but Kim Tae Woo is so-so

6. [+177, -170] Can Shinhwa call god out for their controversies when Shinhwa are the criminal-dols after Bigbang? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Article: Kim Tae Woo apologizes for his comment on Shinhwa's popularity "I'm sorry for hurting... I'm reflecting"

Kim Tae Woo:

"I barely read comments or watch TV... I didn't realize how big this is until now. On the broadcast, they were talking about Shinhwa and god as rivals so I said such a statement for fun. I spoke too freely because I'm very close to them. Thinking from their perspective, I think Shinhwa fans and Shinhwa hyungs wouldn't be happy with it. I just called Minwoo hyung and apologized. I was deciding how to speak to Shinhwa Changjo's, I'm posting this. I'm truly sorry for my thoughtless statement."

"I reflected a lot with the comments. But I hope you understand that I wasn't being honest. Shinhwa and god were very close and the fans cheered for each other. I'm very worried because my statement could make the relationship worse. Once again, I'm sorry. I don't know how many Shinhwa Changjo's will read this but I hope my sincerity reaches."


1. [+947, -198] As a non-fan, I also thought the statement was maddening. It's good that you apologized. Please think before you speak next time...

2. [+933, -244] He's apologizing sincerely and reflecting, we should view it positively. Why do we need to attack him?

3. [+114, -62] This hyung's problem is his houth

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