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Kim Hyun Joong's bruised nail

Pann: Kim Hyun Joong's bruised nails after a day of beating

At a fan meeting in Japan

Before getting investigated at Song-pa police on the 2nd


1. [+267, -7] He admitted most of his assaults. I read an article and his facial expression looked so confident. Such a bad asshole, tsk tsk

2. [+212, -5] How much did he beat her to get a bruise like that?

3. [+150, -5] He should expiate for the rest of his life

4. [+62, -78] Kim Hyun Joong was at fault for beating up the woman and I think he deserves criticisms but why do you think he got the bruise because of beating her? There are other possibilities

5. [+47, -0] Goosebumps. I always hated his facial expressions, he looked so unpleasant and weird. I just thought his acting was terrible but I guess those were the signs. How can he just beat his lover as if he'd kill her and go straight to a fan meeting, saying "hahaha I love you guys"? I'm getting chills. I don't want to see him on TV again. Whenever I watch TV, I only see criminals. Since Jo Hyung Ki, crimes became normal

6. [+46, -1] Woah a total trash. I'm seriously getting chills. He beat up someone at the back and he came on TV with a fake smile as if he's an innocent person who never hits anyone ㅋㅋ Woah ㅋㅋ I'm still getting chills as I'm writing this comment. I think I'm watching a psychopath. Imagine how scared the girlfriend must've felt. Considering his nail, she got beat up really bad... It's no joke. Do you know that I'm only saying "woah woah"? Honestly I don't even know what I'm writing right now. My head is spitting swearing words at him but I can't write them because I'm having a big menboong. I feel like I'm watching a psychopath. How can he beat up someone, laugh on TV, and fool the entire nation? Wasn't he scared of cameras at all? Why was he confident and how was he able to smile on TV? If I were him, I'd be scared of the cameras. I didn't have a good impression on him when I saw him on Boys Over The Flowers because his eyes looked strange. But his personalities seemed good so I decided not to judge him by looks and liked him. The industry is so dirty, no one is trustful. Someone said you can't survive in the entertainment industry with a normal mentality, I guess this is true. I can't trust any celebrity, they all look fake and they're all acting. When I see a celebrity now, all I think is "aren't they also acting?"

7. [+42, -1] There is no solution for a guy who hits women. Live alone forever. I saw him saying that he liked dogs. Please don't get one. You don't even deserve to date.

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