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Jessica rumored to have met up with JYJ's lawyer + SM stocks fall after the news

Article: Jessica's behavior was suspicious. She is revealed to have met with JYJ lawsuit's lawyer Im Sang Hyuk. Why?


1. [+159, -2] There's even Krystal... What's going on...

2. [+137, -7] So it was happening before and Jessica knew it

3. [+65, -3] What's the truth... Hurry up and tell us, SM

4. [+19, -15] Woah JYJ fangirls will side with Jessica

5. [+12, -1] "In the morning, Im Sang Hyuk was asked by Sports Seoul, "are you in charge of Jessica's lawsuit?" He answered, "I found out about it from the articles. But I'm not in charge of the lawsuit. I haven't even met her" and denied everything." What is this???

6. [+11, -5] The media-play will begin. Unlike male idols, it's easy to get a female idol buried. Ugh there will be so much hate


Instiz: SM's stocks started to fall as soon as the stocks were opened


- SNSD should've remained as nine...

- This is why you should not buy entertainment stocks. It falls so fast with a scandal

- SM needs to speak up

- Ugh SM...

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