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'Hello! Stranger' features foreigners + gets poor responses

Article: 'Hello Stranger', will it be the second 'The Return of Superman'?

Hello! Stranger was a special episode that features foreigners living in a same house


1. [+4310, -130] The show was very messy. Kim Kwang Gyu is still not good enough to be an MC. These fake shows are being formed after the success of Abnormal Summit. I watched this because it was a special episode and I had nothing to watch. It's not good enough to be a permanent show

2. [+3826, -94] Abnormal Summit is the best one

3. [+2771, -73] 아닌데에~~???? (TN: Sam Okyere lol)

4. [+2044, -61] Not really....

5. [+1743, -531] It's all good but don't put idols in it. The atmosphere was good until idols appeared. The episode then went nowhere

6. [+392, -25] It wasn't funny at all. I think they put foreigners because Abnormal Summit is popular but it was boring. A Private Lesson with Friends of Same Zodiac Sign can be a permanent show

7. [+273, -19] MBC is so cheap... seriously... Isn't this about the pride of the producers? Especially the broadcast stations?

8.. [+247, -11] Everything was boring except the part where Jake and Jackson appeared. It's like a mix of Abnormal Summit and Roommate but it was much more boring... They need to change up a lot of things if they want it to be a permanent show

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