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Yeeun reveals that she and JYP were in a conflict with her solo preparation

Article: Yeeun "I had a war with JYP while preparing for my solo album, I convinced him with 11 pages of a letter" [interview]

Yeeun: "We had different opinions on the title track, teaser, and my stage name. I had a straight mind so I didn't obey to his opinions so he got mad at me a lot. I felt sorry but I didn't want to change them. To convince him, I wrote 11 pages of letter and sent it to him. I wrote why I wrote the song and how I felt. I wrote it full pages. He read it and said, "okay, do anything you want. I'll support you." We then developed the ideas together."


1. [+462, -102] Her group would've been bigger than SNSD if they didn't advance to America... All because of JYP's greed... And Sunye is selfish, too. All members are promoting individually because of her, she has no shame. Yeeun-ah, I'll cheer for you~

2. [+399, -67] I listened to the song and I could feel the honesty. Her songs are a new style I haven't seen before. It's good to listen to a variety of songs.

3. [+292, -49] Why do people complain about Wonder Girls advancing to America? I think it's good to try targeting the worldwide market because they were already the top in Korea and had nowhere to go further. You can't buy those experiences with money and they were on billboard chart for the first time in Korea. I think it was worth trying. JYP's greed? Well I think a good leader would let their artists to experience a broader field. Isn't Wonder Girls the only one who got on the billboard chart aside Psy? I hope people don't look at it too negatively

4. [+38, -25] The artists produced by JYP are always portraying too much emotions... They're cringe-worthy and hard to watch

5. [+27, -7] These days, the songs are like a one-time thing so I'm liking her because she's honest with her song~ People's opinions on the song are very divided but it's charming and memorable. Hwaiting~

6. [+26, -17 Can't believe that people are calling her unpopular ㅋㅋ

7. [+25, -23] I think her solo was too much. The song was so-so... The concept didn't fit her... I hope she finds a concept tht suits her

8. [+24, -33] She was serious with the song but as an audience, I found it hard to watch and it even looked funny... sorry

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