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Indie band Red Velvet speaks about their negotiation with SM

Pann: SM's new girl group is on!!


1. [+68, -33] Hello, I'm a Red Velvet member Ha Hee Soo. Before we posted online, we tried to contact SM. We wouldn't know when they'd read our emails and they didn't answer the phone calls so we posted online first. We only thought of recording and promoting so we didn't consider further to get our name copyrighted. We obtained copyrights only for the song we released. Red Velvet is a common word of a cup cake so overlapping could happen. I guess SM can use it without any problems because it's not copyrighted, but they said this was the first time, right? It's very rare to release albums under the same name. If they searched, then they could easily found that Red Velvet was already under use. The manager said it was a mistake. They said they didn't know about it and blamed it on the staff. But from what I've heard, SM has many meetings, I doubt that they actually didn't do any research. I think they named the team late. They would've known it if they looked it up at least. I think it would've been better if they informed us first and asked to be excused. We met up and decided to use the same name. People are saying that we're getting known due to SM but it's not like we wanted this. Even if it took a long time, we wanted to be recognized with our music. They wouldn't have dealt with it if they didn't name it like this, it's a pity. We will just continue to do our music. Thank you for reading a long post.

2. [+54, -7] But weren't there articles saying that Red Velvet was already used by rookie singers?

3. [+38, -21] They should change their name before promoting. Why are people downvoting me though? Aren't I right?

4. [+16, -2] But I find the indie band Red Velvet a bit nonsense. Whether they already released songs with the name or not, it doesn't matter if they didn't copyright it. Honestly Red Velvet is a cake name so anyone could've thought of the name. They didn't even copyright it so it's wrong to claim that it was theirs. They're saying that SM should've done some research on music sites, but Red Velvet wasn't even in the copyrights in the first place. Do you really think they'll search on music sites when Red Velvet isn't copyrighted? Red Velvet is already getting so much hate just because they're an SM group and now they're getting more hate with the name. As a fan of a Red Velvet member since she was an SM rookie, it's frustrating. It's good that both parties negotiated to use the same name but it's still uncomfortable

5. [+16, -1] I think the indie band Red Velvet is a bit stupid ㅠㅠ If they had the time to post online, then they should've copyrighted it first!!! SM probably used the name because it wasn't copyrighted ㅠㅠ But the indie band's song pops up if you search Red Velvet, SM is an idiot, too... The girl group is already getting so much hate and this... tsk tsk

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