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Is "EXO-L" going to be the name of EXO fandom?

Instiz: EXO's fandom name is possibly confirmed.jpg

SM obtained a patent for "EXO-L"

EXO-L = EXO love

EXO-L was one of the candidates for EXO' fandom names

There are more than ten categories for the patent.
Entertainment, jewelry, alcohol beverages, etc...

SM said "we're planning on launching 'EXO At Home' with bed products, kitchen supplies, and even EXO pajama and underwear." [source]

This might be it... as EXO-Living. It might not be the fandom name but for the brand name.


- Ah... This is all because of Kim Joonmyun!!!

- EXO-L sounds like a name of a gas station

- What??? EXO underwear??? omg

- EXO Planet would be a better name...

- I need to have a word with you, Joonmyun

- Just go with Exorcist... It sounds threatening and good, doesn't it?

- SM's fandom names have been actually pretty simple since "Club H.O.T"

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