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Idol groups that do well on digital charts

Instiz: Five idol groups that do well on digital charts

The top group on digital charts, Bigbang.

They're the top boy group and their sub-units also do well on digital charts.
All of the members have released solo albums. 

2AM who are digitally strong with ballad

They're only idol group that does ballad. 
They had no broadcast promotions with their recent release but they topped on the charts.

Beast who are digitally strong with their pre-release tracks

On Rainy Days and Will You Be Alright won 1st on music shows without any broadcast promotions.
On Rainy Days is especially a very popular song among the public.
Their title tracks, solos, and sub-units are all successful.

Sistar who hits big with their every sub-unit

Sistar 19, Hyorin&Mad Clown and Soyu&Junggigo all topped on the charts.

2NE1 who are digitally strong with their digital singles

2NE1's digital singles are high quality and the songs are good.
Park Bom and CL's solo albums also got a lot of attention.

+ A group that's getting digitally stronger, EXO

They don't have that many releases comparing to the groups above but Growl, which was the biggest hit of 2013, is still on the chart.
Their releases after Growl, Miracles in December and Overdose topped on the charts.

IU is also digitally strong but she's not a group so she's excluded from this list.


- I'm not sure about EXO because Growl was the only digital success

- On Rainy Days always charted-in and ranked on 1st whenever it was raining ㅋㅋㅋ Until they randomly banned the song

- Hul I agree with every one of them ㅋㅋㅋ But Sistar had too many rumors about charting high... Well their songs are good anyways

- I only agree with Bigbang, 2NE1 and Sistar

- I don't understand why Cube threw away Beast's How To Love

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