K-pop, Korean entertainment/culture, Korean fans/netizens [2014~]


Hello! I am the admin of this website.

This website, "K-POP, K-FANS", will focus on how K-fans (Korean fans) live in the K-pop world.

Many international K-pop fans could be wondering, "how do K-fans "fangirl"? How much do they know about their idols? How do they support their idols? Do they see K-pop as the same as us?"

To answer these questions, I will post mostly Nate Pann posts about K-pop, as Nate Pann is where all fandoms generally gather to discuss K-pop. K-fans on Pann have interesting discussions about idols and there are also alot of "fangirling" and "fanwars" going on. Sometimes, you can even see haters ganging up on an idol and do witch-hunting, which is very ugly.

As I am fluent in both English and Korean, I will translate the Pann posts and several top comments and will share what K-fans say about K-pop. My posts will be mainly on Korean FANS, not Korean NETIZENS. Also, the posts will be very K-pop biased. So when you read the posts on my website, please be reminded that this is not what the general netizens are saying, as I'm posting stuff coming from fans. And I'll also post about k-entertainment, which might include actors, TV shows, and scandals.

Im still struggling to work with Blogger so since it looks like it'll take me a while to figure things out, the website will be a mess and the posts might not be perfect & lacking in content. Once I get used to blogger, the posts will become more interesting as I'll start being picky. So expect some good posts in the upcoming weeks. Thanks for reading!

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