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SM confirms Sulli's withdrawal & f(x) comeback

SM confirmed that f(x) continue with the 4 members without Sulli and Sulli will pursue her acting career.

Instiz: SM, "Sulli will leave f(x)... we respect her opinions" (official statement)

- I think this is right

- Bittersweet

- Acting? F(x) is hard for her but she wants to act? What kind of logic is this

- All we need is f(x) comeback

- Expected it. Rooting for f(x)!!

- Ah, my Sulli card... Superstar SMTOWN card... I had to work so hard to strengthen the card ㅠㅠ F(x) hwaiting!

- This after Jessica. Did SM return from their vacation or something? They're working hard ㅋㅋ


SM reps, "The 4 member of f(x) are currently working hard on their new album. It's planned to happen at the end of the year. They will definitely comeback within this year."

Instiz: When will f(x) comeback... SM, "we're planning to have it at the end of the year"

- Hehehe I'm so happy

- Concert and fanclub, please, SM ㅠㅠ

- 4 members... ㅠ

- Comeback with cool songs!

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