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Apink Namjoo before plastic surgery?

Pann: Apink Namjoo before plastic surgery


1. [+211, -24] Whether she got plastic surgery or not, I don't find her pretty. My personal opinions ㅋㅋ

2. [+104, -43] Who looks good in their elementary school pictures though? ㅋㅋ

3. [+89, -56] Your face changes as you grow up. She was an elementary school student, she must've grew differently

4. [+59, -3] Don't ignore the power of glasses. If you wear strong glasses, your eyes look much smaller


5. [+53, -8] I admit that she got her nose done. Her eyes are originally big, and they got bigger as she grew up. Her eyes are getting bigger from middle school to high school ㅋㅋ


6. [+43, -2] Who looks the same from their elementary school days?

7. [+35, -4] She looks the same. She's just as ugly as before

8. [+33, -8] Even if she got work done, I don't find her pretty

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