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VIXX's official lightstick brings controversies?

Pann: Official lightstick of VIXX is out, but its shape and color...

Shape - similar to Winner
Color - similar to god


1. [+141, -44] Be careful, Jellyfish. You guys might get a terror of boxes

2. [+135, -60] Winner's color is similar to SuJu. The color is so similar

3. [+111, -13] Stop with color fights... Blue is not an official color of Winner and yet they got so much hate just because their lightstick was blue. I'm expected a lot of controversies for VIXX

4. [+76, -37] Big Byung's goods were the best. Water fountain blue... Even though the blue will bring controversies


5. [+74, -6] VIXX's fanclub name is Starlight. So if you gather five lighsticks like this, it forms a star. Not similar, right? Please like VIXX


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