May 8, 2019

Ex-trainee of YG talks about why she left YG

1) When she was 16 and a trainee, she spent a night at a hotel in Japan with other sunbae YG artists. She was underage but they drank all night and told her, "I hope you grow up fast so that we can go to the club together."

2) "My unnie auditioned at YG. Yang Hyun Suk told her she was better and prettier than me and accepted her as a trainee. But as time passed, he started ignoring my unnie's greeting. My mother asked him politely to greet her back. He told her that he didn't realize what he was doing and that he'd greet her back. But he kept ignoring my sister even though she greeted him loudly."

3) "When there's a trainee with wealthy parents, they get different treatment. When the parents give expensive presents to YG staff, it definitely changes things. They treat rich trainees better and give more lessons to them. No matter how talented you are, you can't catch up to wealth. As YG started changing as it was getting filled with rich trainees, I thought I couldn't be happy here anymore. Some people said I could've been a 2NE1 member if I stayed longer but I have no regrets leaving YG."


Pann: Ex-trainee of YG talks about why she left YG

1. [+517, -31] So that's why they cast a son of an embezzler...

2. [+515, -18] They picked rich kids instead of talented kids? I knew they started lip-syncing more and more.

3. [+463, -8] Hul, so the sunbaes have to greet rich hoobaes?

4. [+330, -9] I hope this becomes issued ㅋㅋ With Jennie's gopchang restaurant incident, YG seems like an extreme hierarchical society.

5. [+309, -7] Jennie, "My company is YG~" BI, "Be richer than my company~" Both are from a rich family... There's a reason why they say these things.

6. [+231, -4] So that's why none of the kids from Superstar K and Jun Min Joo could debut ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why did YG cast them, then? Why didn't they just go to major corporates and ask the workers to send their daughters?

7. [+196, -0] Now that I think about it, it's scary how Bigbang sang Dirty Cash.

8. [+180, -6] All Blackpink members are from a wealthy family. They have connections and money.

9. [+172, -4] So that's why their dance is half-a$$ed and they take music and laws lightly.

10. [+158, -] Why isn't YG flopping yet? The more we reveal, the dirtier they get.

11. [+153, -2] I think casting rich trainees is mostly for the girls, not for the boys. YG first rose by hip-hop and male artists like Bigbang so they seem to apply the same thing to male trainees. They seem to have the rookie standards for male trainees. They don't care about family background. iKON Bobby, Winner Seungyoon, and Jinwoo are from a poor family. Seunghoon and Mino's families are average. Yang Hyun Suk forces male artists to compose everything and tells them to climb to the top by their own work. Winner and iKON struggled hard during Win and Mix&Match and some struggled mentally. BI had depression and Taehyun took anti-depressants. They don't release an album unless they produce their songs. But their female artists are daughters of rich families and they prefer pretty girls with a good body even if they can't sing. YG produces the girls' music and choreography for them. They treat their female artists like princesses. I think they care about family background for their female artists only.

12. [+100, -1] Those who had long hiatuses in YG must've been discriminated hard.

13. [+86, -0] Hul, so they sign talented artists and not bother to release an album for them while they cast rich kids and debut them?

14. [+82, -1] No wonder why their character is a mess.

15. [+74, -0] JYP's Itzy and SM's NCT are also a party of golden spoons, aren't they?

16. [+73, -1] She also talked about leaving JYP. In JYP, the CEO adored her a lot and she got along with the vocal trainer as well. Everything was fine but the project leader bullied her hard and their conflict dragged until the end. She left JYP because of the project leader. As soon as Maydoni left JYP, the project leader got fired.