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Korea ranked #1 on Internet & smartphone usage

Article: "Korea, the most 'connected society' in the world... Ranked #1 on Internet & smartphone usage"

Source: Yeonhap via Naver

1. [+2583, -58] Communication is becoming more convenient but we're becoming more lonely.

2. [+1824, -261] It might be the most connected society in the world but most users are prone to getting brainwashed. Too much trend-following and witch-hunting.

3. [+1565, -48] Facebook and Instagram are perfect for showing off, bluffing, and acting emotional. It's the ultimate culture of faking. Life is tiring with people caring about how they look on the outside rather than the interior aspects.

4. [+506, -19] The problem is that it has more negative effects than positive effects.

5. [+80, -1] To put it positively, we're #1 on smartphone usage. To put it negatively, we're #1 on smartphone addiction.

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