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Narcissist lyrics of Gang by Rain

Gang - Rain

Yeah I'm back
My name is Rain, I show off swag whoo
They call it the return of the king
Hoobaes are getting busy
I tidy up the shoelaces and my schedule is all day
My manager's phone is never quiet whoo
I've ran for 15 years, everybody approves of my body's value
But I'm not big-headed
I try my best every moment like it's the first stage
The coolness that I was born with, 30 sexy oppa
I wet the stage once again, Rain effect
Butterfly effect

I'm far from bluffing
I have a lot of things
So many film makers are dying to cast me
So annoying, as you know I'm quite busy
I get invited and go around the world
The fans fly in the sky whoo
TV, drama, film, yeah I get it all
Now I sing a song to capture everyone, volume up
I appear again and hit it big
Call me a bad oppa

(The song didn't chart on Melon)


Instiz: Shocking lyrics of Rain's new song

- The lyrics are contradictory

- The song is very interesting, too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Ah... Rain should've stopped his narcissism with Rainism

- The lyrics are so 1990

- He says he's far from bluffing but in the next lyrics he says he has a lot...

- It breaks my heart because there are so many hateful comments on Youtube ㅠㅠ

- Hyung, you should just sing R&B and dance... Don't do this...

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