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Yoona's witty remarks on Hyori's BnB

1) She remembered to buy bobby pins for Lee Hyori at groceries

Yoona: "I have to buy bobby pins for unnie."

(She had noticed Lee Hyori was using tape to put her hair back)

2) The guests came back from a bath and rushed into the house because they were dropping water. She made them less sorry with her words.

"Don't run. It's OK if the water drops."
"I'd actually be glad if there's water because then I can mop the floor with it."

3) She caught someone having a different opinion

Hyori: "Do you guys want cold drinks or warm drinks?"
Guests: "Cold drinks."

Yoona: "I feel like someone would want to drink something warm. Be confident. Anyone?"

Guest: "Me..."
Yoona: "See? I was talking about you. So a warm drink for one?"

4) Asking before touching a pet

"Can I touch it?"

5) She made Hyori feel less sorry to order her around

Yoona: "I'll tell you if it gets too tough. So please just use me first."


Instiz: [Hyori's BnB] Yoona was born to be witty

- Pretty face, pretty heart

- I would've died of a heart attack if she said "I was talking about you" to me

- Her way of talking is the best... I want to learn it

- You can tell she's a really nice person. Her words and face are so pretty ㅠㅠ

(Thanks to @mooksone9 for the request!)

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