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BTS' international success + small company disadvantage?

Article: Charting #1 on 60 countries' digital charts, BTS is already 'world stars'

Source: Seoul Economics via Nate

1. [+1911, -159] It's not about charting #1 on K-pop charts or album charts like how big companies media-play their nugus. It's charting #1 on the main song chart. They're the first K-pop artist to chart on the main chart of American iTunes after PSY and they're #1 in 66 countries. What's more amazing is that it's not even an official comeback album.

2. [+1592, -146] Hard work pays off. These guys are so cool.

3. [+1194, -128] It's interesting that this is not issued. The alliance of the broadcast and big companies is stronger than the alliance of politicians and businessmen.

4. [+125, -2] Aoki was also happy and said it was also his first #1 on American iTunes... If you're not gonna praise them, then at least don't bash their good results.

5. [+119, -3] I'm more amazed with the reactions of the international fans and musicians ㅠㅠ To ask to collab with an Asian artist... They'll become big if they keep going like this.

6. [+111, -4] They're not even from a big company, they're so amazing.

7. [+101, -2] They're an idol group that can be found more on the news. A lot of adults also know about them because of the news.

8. [+98, -3] It's not an album chart that's frequently used for media-play, it's the main chart... So amazing.

9. [+97, -4] True national prestige~

10. [+96, -4] If they were from a big company, this news would've been on the main page and became a fuss ㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+69, -4] Seriously ㅡㅡ This article would've been #1 article if they were from a big company. Why do their news always get dropped?

12. [+57, -1] It's a big accomplishment but there's barely any articles ㅋㅋ Even if there's one, it gets dropped soon. The sorrow of small company idols... That's why BTS is called a nugu in Korea... If they were a big company artist, the media-play would've been insane...

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