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TOP gets blurred out on KBS broadcast

Pann: TOP gets blurred out on KBS broadcast

1. [+259, -311]
Criminal list of Bigbang
G-Dragon - drugs
TOP - drugs
Seungri - drunk driving
Daesung - car accident murder

2. [+251, -15] There isn't any idol group that has been summoned to the court as much as Bigbang.

3. [+84, -8] Ugh....

4. [+66, -52] I see why JYP cares about characters so much. God JYP.

5. [+51, -18] Honestly, all of the members should be blurred out except Taeyang.

6. [+46, -16] Why isn't GD blurred out?

7. [+39, -14] They should've started with GD.

8. [+34, -9] How many years are we gonna do this? Are you gonna stop after killing someone? GD's test results were negative. I hope no one will think GD bribed the investigators. Seungri didn't do drunk driving and YG sued the journalist who reported the false news. The motorcycle driver that Daesung hit had already gotten into an accident and Daesung just happened to hit his body again. Daesung paid for the funeral and cried with the victim's family. I feel really bad for him. And Seungri's rumors of strangling girls were from a Japanese blind item. It was revealed later that the girl lied. Rumors of TOP smoking cocaine are also from Japan. If you're going to bash Bigbang, just bash TOP, not other members. Hateful commenters who spread rumors are no different from criminals. The top commenter better know that they're a potential criminal as well.

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