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Top 4 'young and rich and beautiful' girls?





Pann: Top 4 young and rich girls

1. [+106, -4] Seriously, aren't Taeyeon, Suzy, Yoona, and IU the top ones at the moment?

2. [+100, -3] Isn't it supposed to be 'young and rich and beautiful'?

3. [+81, -4] Hyoyeon is said to be earning the least in SNSD but just after 3 years of debut, she bought her parents a house and got a foreign car. Just how much have Taeyeon and Yoona earned, then... I envy them a lot ㅠㅠ

4. [+48, -6] Yoona and Taeyeon must have so much money... So jealous...

5. [+42, -2] Until 2013, SNSD members said Yoona's earnings were a wall and that she was earning ten times more than Taeyeon. But now Taeyeon is doing the best in SNSD as a soloist so I don't know about the present. But so far, Yoona must've earned the most in SNSD.

6. [+38, -18] IU and Suzy are amazing ㅠㅠ SuJiEun.

7. [+37, -67] I'm here to promote young and rich and handsome Rap Monster. Please like him.

8. [+36, -13] Park Jin Young said concert earnings were bigger than CF earnings. Then isn't it Yoona > Taeyeon > IU > Suzy? SNSD does a lot of world tours and filmed every kind of CF during their peak. I heard Yoona earned a ton in China with every drama episode bringing her millions... IU doesn't do a lot of international tours but she holds concerts frequently and does CFs. Suzy is mostly about CFs or dramas. I know she also promotes as a singer but I don't think it's for profiting.

9. [+35, -8] I'm sure Yoona and Taeyeon earn more than Suzy. Do you know how much SNSD earned ㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+32, -1] You can't ignore SNSD's money. They've done a lot of group CFs and individual CFs during the 10 years. Also, international tours bring the most money. Yoona did Chinese dramas, she was a model of Asian CF, and did domestic dramas and CFs. Taeyeon is also popular as a soloist in Korea and Asia. They must have a lot of money. Taeyeon also has a lot of CFs these days.

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