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Non-actors who should quit acting?

- 'Acting controversy' IU gets shamed for her acting
- IU who's controversial for her acting, Lee Jieun as an actor
- IU, her acting controversy... What is the problem

- 'Bride of the Water God' Nam Joo Hyuk's acting controversy... "awkward talking, no more anticipations"
- 'Bride of the Water God' Nam Joo Hyuk's acting controversy brings 'Sung Yuri'... "He's a male version of Sung Yuri"


Pann: Idol and actor who should quit acting by now

1. [+149, -4] Nam Joo Hyuk... He made Sungjae stand out on Who Are You.

2. [+136, -116] Yet you think SM idols are fine when they're the ones that do the most dramas? You think they're doing a good job?

3. [+97, -13] Look at this anti trying to bring hate to an active actor and IU. I want the companies to take care of the antis that keep posting hateful posts ㅠㅠ

4. [+76, -22] Not really. I think IU is doing well.

5. [+74, -19] Suzy is worse than IU.

6. [+71, -2] L for me... His fans made a promotional post that said his acting is good on The Emperor and it even became a top post... So stupid ㅋㅋ He seems to be better than before but he's still so awkward and bothers me from focusing on the drama ㅋㅋ

7. [+66, -32] Isn't Yoona a wall when it comes to this topic? She's been flopping 4~5 dramas in a row.

8. [+62, -13] IU always gets hate in the beginning but ends up getting praised...

9. [+51, -0] Hyeri is also so so except on Reply... Her acting is always the same.

10. [+47, -2] Also Kim Young Kwang

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