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Heechul doesn't agree that 'Idol School' is selling sex

Heechul: "I was honestly very uncomfortable when I read the comments on the Internet. Everybody on the show has not had a personality controversy except me. 'Selling sex' is a very dangerous statement, and I don't agree that that's what this show is doing. You should watch the broadcast first and as I was doing the show, there was none of it. If the point of the show was to sell sex, the company wouldn't have allowed it."

"I think this controversy comes from personal preferences. I don't understand why men and women fight against each other on the Internet. Honestly, 'selling sex' is a bad topic. The Internet is a sea that I can't seem to understand."


Pann: 'Idol School' Kim Heechul, "the controversy on selling sex is uncomfortable"

1. [+351, -22] The biggest nonsense Heechul said was mentioning men and women fighting when he was talking about selling sex. He thinks selling sex divides men and women? We're talking about gender stereotypes and different opinions, not about men vs women. The controversy is on 'selling sex' which is clearly bad but he thinks men and women are fighting? All men and women should be against selling sex. It's not even about personal opinions.

2. [+343, -23] It was undeniable since the PD said he wanted to make healthy porn... And the girls are really young. It looks like lolita to make them wear white and get wet like that.

3. [+187, -15] The host and viewers will have different perspectives ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The editing also changes things.

4. [+142, -3] Heechul is so unlikeable. The viewers found his statement uncomfortable and asked him to fix it and what he did was treating the viewers like whiners... And excuse me, the reason why you don't understand why men and women fight against each other is because you were always in power. Ever since women started speaking up, it became men vs women. It means that the men always ignored women's disadvantages.

5. [+104, -1] It's also annoying when he makes biting remarks on Knowing Bros as if he's the coolest person in the world. These days he's going too far ㅋㅋ In the past, I used to like him but he's unlikeable now. Of course, those with a big mouth will succeed and fail with their mouth ㅋㅋ

6. [+97, -4] I think it deserves to be controversial... Why are they in a swimming pool wearing white... And we don't even know if none of them really has a problematic personality. The show didn't even start. I'm not gonna bother to watch it but as far as I know, some of them are already controversial.

7. [+73, -0] It's always the stupid ones that try to look smart and ends up embarrassing themselves.

8. [+73, -0] They're wearing white and are in a swimming pool. They're in Japanese uniforms ㅋㅋ

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