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Idol songs these days are bad?

Pann: Idol songs these days are such a mess

(Pann criticizes idol songs except BTOB, BTS, Highlight, and Taeyeon)

1. [+371, -1] Spring Day is really good though. BTOB, Taeyeon, and Highlight always had good songs.

2. [+342, -76] Childish songs like Twice's Knock Knock win #1, enough said. They're like kindergarten kids.

3. [+208, -53] Thanks for mentioning BTS ^^

4. [+82, -8] BTS' title tracks have been good after I Need U.

5. [+73, -28] Rookie rookie and knock knock... Are they even songs?

6. [+72, -5] They have no quality because they're nothing but predictable hook songs. In the old generation, the lyrics were figurative but these days, they're all straightforward. But Taeyeon, IU, BTOB, and Highlight's songs are fine. I'm not sure if it's because they're good at singing though.

7. [+55, -6] I personally don't understand how Sweet Heart is charted high.

8. [+47, -78] The idols that you mentioned also bring similar songs. They're all the same. We need more unique songs but they're repetitive.

9. [+45, -23] SM-roaches can go ahead and sing lookie lookie~

10. [+44, -2] I hate how they take a huge part of the chart. When I'm lazy, I just listen to Melon's top 100 and when I hear a weird song, I just delete them. They're on the chart because their fans listen to them and I get to hear their songs. As a result, I now have certain idols that I delete immediately. These days, BTOB, Taeyeon, and Highlight are the only idols that I listen to.

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