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Park Bogum's Ghana chocolate CF & "I Ghana you"

Pann: Isn't the CF of Ghana chocolate really cringe-worthy?

(Pann talks about the phrase "I Ghana you" in the CF)

1. [+122, -3] Why are people not seeing the point? Park Bogum isn't the problem. The problem is "I Ghana you."

2. [+112, -1] What does "I Ghana you" even mean? In the CF, it looks like he's confessing but he's saying "I Ghana you" as he's holding the chocolate. It just looks really weird.

3. [+90, -4] What's wrong with finding it uncomfortable ㅋㅋ It's similar to finding Eric Nam's Trivago CF weird.

4. [+36, -1] I also really dislike the CF. It's trying so hard to be heart-fluttering. I'm not bashing Park Bogum, the CF itself is so so.

5. [+24, -78] It's nothing to be uncomfortable with. Are you gonna call everything cringe-worthy? Just skip it then.

6. [+22, -8] Am I the only one who liked it? Everytime the CF is on, I watch it with focus and get heart-fluttered... Of course, it's Park Bogum's face that does the job.

7. [+17, -4] What he's saying is weird but he looks amazing in the CF...

8. [+14, -3] I just wish it was someone else... We like it because it's Park Bogum.

9. [+12, -3] I had no time to care about his comment because I was busy looking at his face... So heart-fluttering.

10. [+10, -0] It reminds me of I Seoul U.

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