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[ADMIN] Issues regarding to the lack of update

Hello everyone! Hope you're all doing well.

As some people have mentioned to me already, I've been updating much less since a few months ago. One of the reasons is that I've been busier. I couldn't spend as much time as I used to.

But honestly, the lack of updates mostly came from the lack of content to translate. Pann posts are repetitive and entertainment posts are decreasing in terms of the amount and the quality. Up until last year's summer, there used to be a decent amount of fun posts that were worth to be translated. But since the fall, I've been noticing that those posts were getting lesser. A lot of times, popular posts were already translated by other translating blogs and I didn't want to double-post. And since I didn't have much time to work on this blog, I couldn't lurk on other sites to look for more contents.

This year, I'll be updating more since I won't be as busy as I had been during the past few months. However, please note that Pann is becoming a very limited source for translations and it might not result in more/better posts. With the spare time I'll have, I'm even willing to open up a new blog for a new type of translations that doesn't merely focus on K-netizen/fan comments. I'm still thinking of what I can do because I know how packed the translation field is. If you have an idea/suggestion, feel free to leave a comment! We can all discuss.

Someone asked me when I usually update... I don't really have a specific time for updates but I usually do between 11PM-5AM (UTC).

Thanks for reading guys! If you leave a question/concern in the comment section, I will answer ASAP :)

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