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[Abnormal Summit E130] Flight disturbance & situations of USA and Mexico

Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Mark, "Flight disturbance? Conrad Hilton also caused it in the US"

Source: OSEN via Naver

MC: "A Korean passenger's flight disturbance was reported globally by Richard Marx. It was an international embarrassment."

Mark: "Paris Hilton has a dongsaeng named Conrad Hilton. He had also caused flight disturbance. He kept walking back and forth on the flight and made other passengers nervous. He even tried to smoke cigarettes and marijuana. He called the passengers "peasants" and said to the flight attendants, "Why are you siding with peasants? Shouldn't you be on my side?""

1. [+3645, -21] We need at least one or two male flight attendants that look like Ma Dong Seok

2. [+1647, -13] Idiots exist everywhere

3. [+1193, -30] There are idiots everywhere ㅋㅋ He's a nobody but Hilton's dongsaeng.

4. [+1054, -17] Doing those things still won't get you arrested here. This country's law is flawed.

5. [+841, -14] Don't make me embarrassed as a fellow citizen

6. [+154, -9] It seems like Korea hires maids, not flight attendants. They're pretty and kind but what will those petite women do in situations like this? The first task of flight attendants is securing the passengers' safety.


Article: 'Abnormal Summit' Mark, "Flight disturbance in the US is considered terrorism"

Source: Xports News via Nate

Mark: "America has harsh punishments for flight disturbance. If the flight is heading towards the US, American laws are applied regardless of the person's nationality. Flight disturbance is at the level of terrorism. Beating up a flight attendant will get you 20 years sentence maximum. If you use a weapon, the maximum sentence is life imprisonment."

Christian: "We're a neighborhood country but we're different. Our country doesn't consider flight disturbance to be a big crime. We pay less than a $50 fine. If it's severe, we're detained for 90 days."

1. [+761, -5] Flight disturbance should be categorized under terrorism indeed. What are you trying to do by causing a disturbance on a flight? It's the same as holding up a knife to the throats of unsecured passengers.

2. [+523, -9] They suffered one big time with 9/11 terror, imagine how sensitive they are with flight security... We should also be like that by choosing strong flight attendants or something.

3. [+377, -4] He should've been tied up with a dog leash, not a regular rope. Sorry to dogs...

4. [+34, -3] Watching this episode made me realize that the flight attendants are nothing but useless scarecrows and if a psycho decides to do something and boards on a plane, they'll easily seize the plane.

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