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November comebacks

Pann: November comebacks = war

VIXX, BTOB, Hyorin, Mamamoo, T-ara, ChenBaekXi, Twice, Kyuhyun, Taeyeon, Astro, SHINee, Black Pink, etc

Will survive by big fandoms: VIXX, BTOB, Twice, Mamamoo, SHINee, Taeyeon, ChenBaekXi

Will hit daebak if they bring good songs: T-ara, Hyorin, Black Pink, Kyuhyun

Trusted for music: BTOB, Mamamoo, Taeyeon, T-ara, Kyuhyun


1. [+62, -112] Take ChenBaekXi out. Their digital sales are a complete flop, do you think a big fandom is everything?

2. [+59, -3] This time, I certainly felt that it's not easy for boy groups to beat girl groups by digital sales... There are only 5 boy groups on the chart at the moment. EXO subunit, BTS, VIXX, Sechs Kies, and Infinite.

3. [+30, -8] Taeyeon's new song is good. So is SHINee's.

4. [+12, -7] Take Astro out. They're not a group to be included in this war.

5. [+11, -4] Huh, am I the only one who also trusts SHINee for music? A lot of my non-fan friends also think the same.

6. [+10, -1] There's also Block B Bastarz... ㅠㅠ

7. [+9, -7] SHINee will survive

8. [+7, -0] For BTOB, they have their fandom but I also think their comeback with a dance song will bring them more listeners.

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