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Chanyeol's announcer sister receives backlash for reporting false news from Facebook post

A Facebook user made a meme:
"Trump will win the election if he says, "If anybody wonders the future of a female president, look at Korea.""

Chanyeol's sister Park Yoora, as an anchorwoman on YTN, reported the Facebook post as real news. She reported that Trump said the statement during his speech on October 29th.

She also wrote articles on it & it was posted on YTN's Facebook

The Facebook user commented and criticized her. Park Yoora deleted her articles later.


Pann: YTN anchorwoman Park Yoora is controversial for reporting false news

1. [+249, -206] There's corruption. Park Yoora is a noona of EXO Chanyeol. Ever since EXO became popular, she bragged everyone that Chanyeol is her dongsaeng and acted like a big attention seeker ㅋㅋ She got into YTN after becoming known as Chanyeol's noona. YTN picked her because she's the noona of Chanyeol ㅋㅋ She's reporting false news because she's not even qualified to be an announcer and yet she was hired by being an idol's noona.

2. [+201, -161] Park Yoora-ssi did a lot of attention seeking things using her idol dongsaeng, I knew she'd cause trouble someday. It's interesting how she's an anchorwoman when her knowledge in politics is worse than high school students.

3. [+192, -123] People like her don't become an announcer for the sake of news nor the sense of duty as a reporter. They get plastic surgery and become an announcer to get married to a well-off family.

4. [+115, -8] It's not even some nugu channel. It's a serious wrongdoing to be reporting false information with a fake meme.

5. [+88, -7] People are talking about Chanyeol and missing the point ㅋㅋ We have to criticize her for reporting false news as an announcer, why mention her family ㅋㅋ Is EXO that amazing? Amazing enough to be considered in hiring an announcer? Why don't you just write a novel, you'll win a Nobel prize ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+86, -55] Dongsaeng Chanyeol is a rude guy who swears on his mom. Noona Park Yoora is an ignorant announcer who reports false information from a Facebook post.

7. [+84, -10] YTN anchorwoman Park Yoora, who reported false information on news broadcast, is not qualified to be a reporter. YTN needs to apologize immediately for broadcasting false news and Park Yoora needs to step down.

8. [+69, -16] Jo Hye Ryun once dissed female announcers and said they become announcers to get married to a well-off family. She was talking about announcers like this.

9. [+59, -1] Wow... what is she gonna do? Her embarrassment aside, she's gonna face a big punishment~

10. [+59, -2] What? So Trump has never said that but she reported it as real news just from a fake meme? Is she crazy?

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